Psychotherapist in Crouch End in north London or the City of London

Does life feel like its getting on top of you? Perhaps you feel stuck?
Could you benefit from a place to take some time-out?
... to explore your thoughts and feelings
... to feel more in control of things

My name is Sonya Landesmann and I have been a practising psychotherapist since 1995. I am based in Crouch End in north London and the City of London. I am committed to providing psychotherapy and counselling in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

I work with individuals on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with the aim of enabling you to enhance your life and to live it more fully.

I Can Help

I am experienced in helping people who have experienced difficulties with :

  • Feeling stressed. Or you may feel lost or that you are not coping.
  • Relationships may not work or seem to have unhelpful patterns.
  • Panic Attacks or feeling out of control may stop you from doing things you enjoy.
  • Difficulties with sleeping could be caused by underlying psychological reasons.
  • Anxiety may slow you down.
  • Bereavement, redundancy or other losses may feel difficult to make sense of.
  • There may be other issues to do with work or study that have come up for you.
  • You may have feelings of depression, loneliness or emptiness.
  • Addictions could be something you want to explore in a safe space with someone.
  • Self harm or eating disorders may be patterns you are finding difficult to overcome.
  • Chronic physical symptoms or illness may mean you would like to have a place to explore your emotional life.
  • Physical symptoms that seem to have no cause can sometimes have an emotional aspect.

    Maybe there isn't anything specific but you would like to talk about a more vague sense that things could be different for you and you could be more contented

    Or you may just have a wish to explore your thoughts and feelings to understand yourself better.

    A psychotherapist in the City of London offering a secure and tranquil space to explore how you feel could be what you need. You could see me at lunchtime or after work.
  • Locations

    My psychotherapy and counselling practice is within easy reach of Crouch End, north London and the City of London (Lombard Street, EC3 or Mansion House, EC4).

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