Psychotherapy in the City of London and Crouch End, north London

About Psychotherapy or Counselling

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy originated with Freud over 100 years ago but has been developed since then by many therapists to be firmly relevant to life today.

It works by having a therapeutic relationship with a therapist you trust with whom you have an ongoing "conversation". Current life issues, thoughts and feelings can be brought by you. We may be able to link present day behaviour and thought, which may now be unhelpful, with your past. Together we can become aware of patterns that you may have become aware have been repeating themselves in a safe setting with me where we may be able to find some meaning and relief for you.

During therapy we become aware of our unconscious thoughts, conflicts and ways of behaving which may have originated in our earliest childhood experiences and relationships and which can inhibit our more successful ways of being in the present.
Therapy or counselling can help you to find new ways of thinking, feeling and being in the world.

What Conditions Can it Help?

This kind of therapy can help with a wide range of conditions and problems in life some of which may seem difficult to identify but give the person a sense of being unsatisfied with life. Or sometimes life events trigger feelings that were previously manageable. People sometimes come for therapy with a sense that their problems or symptoms are psychological but not really knowing what to do to make things better or how to make their lives more manageable.

What Benefits can be Expected?

By understanding and becoming aware of unconscious long term, difficult or painful experiences we can be released from long held patterns that may have been damaging for our well being, our sense of who we are or our ability to have successful lives.

Psychoanalytic therapy can offer long term change and relief from negative repetitive patterns of behaviour. This can happen quite quickly and offers long term relief.

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