Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions are 50 minutes long, at the same time each week. I see people once, twice or three times a week on an open ended long term basis. I can also see you once a week for short agreed length of time such as 3 - 6 months.

Fees are negotiated at a level that can be afforded taking into account your individual circumstances.

All appointments are paid for including missed sessions and the initial meeting. Fees are not charged when the therapist is away.

The therapy is confidential so that a complete sense of trust can be relied upon.

Nothing would be disclosed from your therapy to anyone without your consent. Any need to do this is usually rare and due to issues of harm.

It is however helpful for you to inform your GP that you are in therapy.

If you want to get in touch to arrange an initial meeting for us to explore your thoughts about having therapy you can either leave an email or phone me on 0777 301 6012. If I am not available you may leave a text or voice mail. This is entirely confidential. I will usually get back to you with in 24 hours to arrange a meeting hopefully within a week or as soon as possible.

Nothing is lost by getting in touch. We can have a brief email exchange, although a phone call can go a long way to making things feel less remote. There is no expectation of any commitment from you by getting in touch. You can leave me a time that is good for me to call you.

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